5 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Haircare Routine

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I remember how much time and energy it used to take me to maintain my hair. Washing it every day was not good for it, I knew, so I would wash it every other day. I dyed it fire engine red about once a month, and needed a haircut every 6 weeks because I could not stand the split ends. The frizz was unbelievable. In short, it was a mess. And the more I did to it, the more I needed to do to it.

So I tried something radical. I started to do less. And the less I did, the less I needed to do. By simplifying my haircare routine, I have dramatically improved the health of my hair. AND it takes me so much less time to maintain it! Now, I love my simple hair routine.

Simplify your hair care routine in 5 easy steps!

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1. No Dye

The biggest change I’ve made is that I am now completely dye free. Now, I will admit that I was using drugstore boxed dye. So…probably not the best dye on the market. However, dying your hair does cause it to dry out, which will result in split ends and frizz. And let’s not forget that all that dye going down the drain ends up in our lakes and river systems.

If you feel that you must dye your hair, I would highly recommend looking into using henna (like this one here). It’s all natural, so it’s a lot better for both you and the environment. Unlike traditional dyes, it won’t dry your hair out. Just a heads up though that henna is a lot more work to apply to your hair. And, if you already have boxed dye in your hair, the henna won’t dye over it very well.

2. Keep it Simple

I use a shampoo bar and liquid conditioner from LUSH when I wash my hair. While I really do like LUSH products, they are a little pricy. As well, I find that I usually have to try a few different products before I find the one that works really well for myself.

No matter which brand you decide to go with, try to find a shampoo that is as close to all natural as possible. Moving forward, I plan on continuing to use the LUSH shampoo bar, but I am looking into recipes for a homemade conditioner for when my current bottle runs out.

Click the image below to get a list of 100 things you can declutter to bring even more simplicity to your life!

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3. Less is More

I find that the less I wash my hair, the less I have to wash my hair. This is because every time you strip your hair (and skin, for that matter) of its natural oils, your scalp works extra hard to replace that oil. Therefore, the less you wash your hair, the less oil your scalp produces.

I’ve been trying to stretch it out as far as I can between washings, and right now I’m at about two weeks. Bonus tip: after I wash it, I always add a little bit of coconut oil to the ends of my wet hair. This adds extra moisture, and does a really excellent job of preventing split ends.

4. Do NOT Blow Dry

I do not use a hair dryer. The heat can do a lot of damage to hair, and I always end up with a frizzy mess in the end when I try. Honestly, I haven’t owned a hair dryer for over a year now and I don’t even miss it. I always wash my hair in the evening, so I never have to go out into a harsh, Canadian winter with wet hair.

Instead, I use a wide tooth bamboo comb on my hair when it is wet to avoid breakage, and then braid it back to allow it to dry nicely while I sleep.

The next morning, I take it out of the braid and give it a brush. If it needs it, I will give it a quick flat iron, but I do try to avoid this because the heat isn’t good for hair. Then I add a little bit of an argan oil leave-in conditioner to tame any frizz.

5. My Secret Weapon

By now I bet you’re probably thinking, that’s great, but there is no way your hair stays oil free for a week and a half at a time. And you are absolutely right.

In between washings, I do use a little bit of cornstarch in my hair as dry shampoo. I keep mine in a small mason jar, and just dip my fingers in to get a little on my hands. Then I give my hands a quick rub together before I apply the cornstarch to my temples and the crown of my head. This is where I find my hair gets oily the fastest, but apply the cornstarch wherever you feel you need a refresher.

I have light brown hair, and I don’t find that the white shows up as long as I brush it in thoroughly. I have heard though that adding a little cocoa powder into the cornstarch makes it better for those of you lovely ladies with darker hair.

And That’s It!

I’m finding that my hair is naturally producing less oil as time goes on. I don’t know if I’ll ever be “no poo” but as of right now I only wash my hair once every week or so and I don’t think anyone has noticed yet. Admittedly, I have fairly low maintenance hair, so you’ll probably have to tweak this routine a little bit to make it work for you.

I love this routine for a few reasons. My hair is WAYYYYYY healthier than it ever was before. It’s less frizzy, the ends don’t split like they used to, and it grows like a weed.

I spend maybe 3 minutes every morning on my hair, so it saves me a lot of time that way. I also spend a ton less money on hair care products than I used to, and I’m not washing harsh shampoos and dyes down the drain.

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Simplify your haircare routine in 5 easy steps!

How has simplifying your haircare routine impacted your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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      Thanks for sharing, Becca! I’ve heard of washing with vinegar, but I haven’t been able to come across a decent article explaining it (until now). I will have to try that when my shampoo starts to run low.

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